DLC Information

This DLC will add 5 stories showing beyond the "final chapters" of story mode!

A new protagonist separate from Shimakaze and Suruga will be introduced. Each DLC will include a new scenario, complete with Japanese voices. You can enter battle with previous characters too!

Pricing for each individual DLC will be available at a later date.
Content per DLC: 1 Playable Character, 3 Secretary Ships/Support Characters, and a new Story Mode chapter.

 Release Date

DLC 1-5 set to be released October 2020

 All 5 DLC will be available for purchase on PS4 and Steam

 STEAM EXCLUSIVE - Azur Lane: Crosswave New DLC Loyalty Program:

This loyalty program is a thank-you for those who pre-purchased Azur Lane: Crosswave on Steam. Only users who purchased the game BEFORE the launch on February 13, 2020 at 10:00 am PST are automatically eligible for the loyalty program.

This program runs from 10/5 (10am PST) – 11/2 (10am PST). This special deal allows those users to purchase the new character DLC for 50% off retail price! Qualifying users will see the discount automatically applied when they view the DLC.

The 50% off discount applies to the 5 DLC characters shown below.

1. Taihou

2. Formidable

3. Roon

4. Le Malin

5. Sirius


New Secretary Ship/Battle Support characters are available in each DLC!

Vol. 1 - Taihou

Vol. 2 - Formidable

Vol. 3 - Roon

Vol. 4 - Le Malin

Vol. 5 - Sirius









Le Malin




The Royal Navy decided it would host
a new Joint Military Exercise,
using the Cubes.

Going with the flow of things,
Le Malin participated in the exercise as a
representative of the 
Vichya Dominion.

That is where

she encountered Essex.

The event was a challenge to see how many things could be made using the Cubes.

Since it calls for skills outside of battle, Le Malin decided to create ■■■.

The ocean arena was both surprised and excited.

Although the event was expected to reach the end smoothly, the Sirens appeared and targeted everyone!

What does fate have in store for Le Malin?

*Screenshots from JP PS4 development build*

DLC Notes

​* In order to play through a DLC scenario, you will need to be playing a game version higher than 1.02. Upon clearing the Prologue in the Story Mode, you will have to select Story Mode from the Main Menu once more. If you have already cleared the Prologue, you can select from the Story Mode in the Main Menu to proceed.

* Each DLC's protagonist will be available immediately in all modes.

* Each DLC's Secretary Ship/Battle Support characters' traits will be the same as the main game. Although they are available for marriage, they are not available as playable characters. Additionally, you will need to scout them individually with A points.

* There will be no variations added at the title screen or loading screens in any DLCs.
Additionally, no trophies will be added nor should it affect any conditions in the existing trophies.




*Japanese screenshots and footage used.

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