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Azur Lane Crosswave World
Azur Lane Crosswave Story Introduction

Welcome to a world unknown...
a beautiful world covered by the ocean blue.

Those living in this world have been fortunate.
They have never had to fight in any major war.

[EAGLE UNION] embraces freedom and coexistence as a democratic nation.
[ROYAL NAVY] boasts their royal heritage and the mark they made on history as a monarchy.
[IRON BLOOD] conducts extensive research to gain advanced technology as a military empire.

And [SAKURA EMPIRE] towards the East, an extraordinary nation build upon ancient tradition...

These four nations looked after this world and have maintained peace for as long as they existed.

Fleets holding special powers defended each of the nations.
They were called "Kansen" and act as the spokespoeple for the nations from which they come.

Despite the sheer power these Kansen possess... none seek conflict.
They have all supported each other with the end goal of making the world a better place.

But... things are different now.

Out of the blue, a mysterious group known as the Sirens have come.
The technology they employ has never been seen by the people of this world.

All the nations raised their security levels to Code Yellow as Sirens began to randomly appear with no tangible goal in sight.

And so... that's where we stand.
Which nation caught your attention?

Well, let's take a look at how things are viewed in the eyes of the Sakura Empire, shall we?

It looks like they're starting their exercise now...

*Japanese screenshots and footage used.

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