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Azur Lane Croswave Portland

An Eagle Union member who brags about her younger sister. The love she displays can be too much, which makes others uncomfortable. She began to feel depressed when she was selected to join the Joint Military Exercise before her younger sister, but her positive nature allowed her to quickly brush away the creeping sadness. As she prepares for the event, one can find in her mouth the latest copy of a "special" kind of magazine dedicated to her dear younger sister...

"Instead of just praising your younger sister, you should pay more attention to yourself!" So yelled Admiral Hipper who Portland got to know during the event. "Y-You're right! I need to tan myself a bit more, and maybe get some colored contact lenses, and..." "How many times do I have to tell you! We're not talking about your appearance!" Without attending to her own needs, Portland will soon be surpassed and left behind by her dear younger sister. Is that something she can accept as an older sister? With her newfound friend asking her these questions, Portland finally takes a step to elevate herself to the next level...


*Japanese screenshots and footage used.

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